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Welcome to the
Billionaire ape teen Club

If you need someone who truly knows how to make money and live their life, you’re at the right place and right time. Billionaire ape teen club is a place of fabulous apes who were one of the first in the NFT community and made A LOT of money.

Now you can become a part of a young and crazy rich club. Become one of Billionaire Ape Teen. Teen billionaire ape club is a private collection of 2888 NFTs. They are made to symbolize wealth.



Developing an organic APE SCHOOL community based on gaming and other kinds of interactions and school time


Making it possible for everyone to own an APE by lowering a mint price and developing the project on Solana blockchain.


Free NFT for school community members. Get free NFT with role accessories: books, bags, lighters, laptops, hats, etc.


Pushing floor price by dividing sale process into few pre-sales with benefits for each community group by price and amount of mints per wallet


Exclusive access to closed community of successful NFT collector.


After sell out, we will rent a land in Sandbox and organize a fun PROM for all the BATC holders. The CEO of the project is going to DJ and drop some real school time vibes. You will be able to meet the whole team and some special guests (big names in the NFT space) in this PROM. Do not miss!


Releasing second drop Teen Ape girlfriends with minimum price for holders. Developing the opportunity to breed baby billionaire ape for holders of 2 NFTs: male and female (even super-rare girl from TBAC). To join Kids BILLIONAIRE APE club.


Listing all baby apes NFTs from community and pushing the floor price. From baby billionaire ape all the creators gonna have 30% royalties from each re-sale.


An Exclusive
Billionaire Ape Teen Club

Teenagers scare the livin' shit out of the whole NFT community. They came first to mint everything they wanted and became filthy rich. They know where all the money is hidden, so you should watch them! They are young and you can see it. They don’t know how to feel sad or betrayed. They live in the world full of pleasures. They make friends because friendship is everything.

They will never become office monkeys. They are already in Billionaire Ape Teen Club.

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legend monkey



School communities

Ape Kinds

American football player
Can you hear the noise from the gym locker room? Yep. That’s the sound of victory. All the best boys play American football, and all the American football players one day become even cooler. Now they are billionaires and play just for fun, not for college. Can you be a part of their community?
Straight A
Clever and pretty, but she definitely knows what she wants. Become a doctor, a movie director or a chemist. Straight A are the most dangerous ones because they seem innocent and weak. Do not play with them, you’re gonna lose. If a Straight A gets a lot of money, will she change? You tell us.
Haven’t you ever dreamed of being a cheerleader or being with a cheerleader girl? Perfect girls with pretty smiles. But strong and powerful. Another superpower is their authority. They can control everything in the school and even further. Now you’re a billionaire cheerleader. No one can tell you what to do.
Computer guy who has always been out of community? Not anymore. You’re the center of the school universe ‘cause you were the first one to know about NFT. Do you have money? Yes. Do you have attention? Of course. Do you love your life? No doubt yes. You made everyone billionaires, so everyone truly loves you. Enjoy!
Now you’re a billionaire, and you can do anything you dreamed all your life. Play games all day. No one can bother you or make you feel stupid. You bought a classroom in your school ‘cause you wanted to be with your friends all the time. Now you play together. So. GG WP!
Trouble maker
Everyone is scared of you. You can tell anyone anything. Couple of times you even started a fight in the canteen, but you didn't like it. Words like weapons seem more attractive. But even your black soul has friends. Now you together try to think how to annoy all the school community. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?
A girl from a good and rich family made a lot of money with NFT. Actually, you have your own projects, but no one knows it’s you. You’re a power behind the throne, but everyone thinks you’re just a pretty face. Don’t let anyone underestimate you.
Bookworm billionaire? Funny? Not in our reality. Books have always been your passion because now you can buy anything but fantasy. It’s so easy to escape reality. That’s why you love the metaverse so much. You built a new world and everyone loved it. Keep going, my captain!
Corner boy
Everyone knows you, and you know everyone. You don’t wanna hurt anyone, just help to relax and have a rest. You opened doors in a fantasy world, and you don’t wanna close them. So what did you decide to do? Nothing as usual. You have a lot of money, friends, and parties. Is it possible to have more?


What blockchain platform use the project?
What is the total Supply?
What is the limit per wallet?
1 NFT per transaction
What about mint price?
0.8 SOL (first 50 NFT only for OGs)
1.25 SOL for the second presale and public sale
When will BATC launch?
PRESALE for OGs 19 February, 2022
Presale for WL 26 February, 2022
Public sale 27 February, 2022
What about secondary marketplaces?
We will be listing on MagicEden right after public sale.
How to become OG?
You need to get 10 lvl, be active and fill the form for OGs. OG role is Orange.
How can I check if I'm on the whitelist?
If your name is green, you’re in WL.
Where can I see what the artwork looks like to get a better impression of the art?
You can check our sneak-peaks and our Twitter.
How to join WHITELIST?
WL is still available. You need to invite 5 friends to the server and get 5 lvl. If you need to check your lvl, use commend “!rank” in the special channel.
Why Ape school?
There’s no secret that we actually didn’t love our school time. Problems with teachers and schoolmates made us who we are. Then we decided to start it all again: create our own school based on friendship and support. Also, we replaced boring lessons and tests with fun contests and daily quizzes. And our mods-teachers are the best ones to support you 24/7.


An Exclusive Giveaways
Billionaire Ape Teen Club

We have daily quizzes, games, contests and giveaways in our Discord community. By participating activities you can win: free NFT, OG spot, WL spot, special roles, lvl ups and not only.

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